A good Monday for a change!

Have been enjoying the HG3 strength cycle and new programming. The extra mobility and stretches really help.
Last day of summer hols and busy this evening, so attended the 7am session with Rudds and 7 guys. I am not normally at my best at this hour.
Great atmosphere and managed to push up my strict press to 80.5kg.
Lots of good lifting going on.


One week on…

It has taken me a week to accept the fact that I am not going to be like Bill Robbs. Also tough to realise that I am losing 1% of my aerobic capacity every year.
Still managed a circuit around Derwentwater in the kayak and it was tougher than last year, due to the wind.
Enjoying a break and will read a non-fiction book for the first time in 25 years.


Taking a rest from Barbell Club

I came home from the Thursday night Barbell Club feeling rather dejected. My snatches didn’t feel good and my shoulders felt too tight.
I pondered overnight  and went to the 7am Friday Crossfit WoD. Enjoyed the double unders, really enjoyed the handstands and didn’t even mind the 400m runs either side of the kettlebell complex.
Spoke to Rudds and confirmed  that I would give Barbell Club a rest for a while. I need to let my right elbow rest and enjoy the sessions that I do.
Will concentrate on my diet, mobility and skills like handstands.
It is great that the Barbell Club is thriving – I’ll be back after I have rested.


Medial Epicondylitis

Have been enjoying the Barbell Club sessions at HG3 and have been trying to attend all the Monday, Thursday and Sunday sessions.
Made considerable progress for the first three weeks but have found this  week hard.
Monday night was hot and intense. I realised afterwards  that I was really tight, having  done the Friday and Saturday  Crossfit WoDs too. Missed out on the front squats after I had a short dizzy spell.
Thursday was hard too, as I lost confidence to do full squat snatches.
Today was Cleans and I immediately had the pain again in my right elbow.
Have checked  out more YouTube videos and will persevere with stretches and exercises to help.
Have dusted off my Supple Leopard  book too.


Insanity and a pair of 1.25kg disks

Nearly had the usual Monday night blues at the 8pm Barbell session last night.
We were practising hang pulls and then looking for a good single squat clean.
I used the blocks to make me concentrate on getting a good hip drive and extension.
60kg was no problem but I resorted back to power cleans when I tried 70kg.
Felt somewhat deflated as I dropped back to 60kg.
I have been doing Crossfit for 2 years and my cleans have barely progressed. Wondered why everyone else seemed to get it and I couldn’t. Was I too old to start Olympic Lifting?

Rudds came over, scratched his chin and told me to slap on a pair of 1.25kg disks.
Banged out three no problem. Added another 2.5kg, again, no problem.
In the next 5 minutes I worked up to 80kg and it felt easy,  with no arm pull and a definite ‘weightless’ feel. Ran out of time but ended on a high.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said –  ‘Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting a different result.’

It is always easier to lift a weight that you have lifted before and in my mind I could lift another 2.5kg. I recommend swallowing your pride and making these smaller jumps.
Every increase is an increase and smaller increments are easier to reconcile in your head.

Oh yes, also listen to your lifting coach and enjoy the Barbell Club.

Looking forward to the next session.


300 swings a day

Started on the 300 kettlebell swings a day last night. (now that I am fit again)
I did 6 rounds of 50 swings at 24kg. Each 50 took about 90 seconds and I had 90 seconds rest between each round.
First 3 rounds were fine but the last was a stinker. I will have glutes of steel by June.
Am feeling pretty good this morning.

At the crossroads – RTB Masters

Looking back at my Crossfit training and blog for the last few months, I noticed that there were probably more negatives than positives. Completing my blog when I finished a WoD gave meĀ an honest insight into how it was feeling.

My preparation for the Raising the Bar Masters event had not been what I hoped but I was keen to go to Cardiff with an open mind and give it my best. If it didn’t work out then I had already been thinking about stepping away from Crossfit and finding something else.

The drive down was long but quite good fun, chatting to Chris and Rudds and listening to my limited car CD collection. We found Crossfit Dragon down a dodgy back street and were impressed by the size and the welcome.

I was nervous when we arrived back the next day to compete but the running order meant Chris and Rudds went before me. They both gave it 100% (as I expected) and I did the same. The WoDs were challenging and I was nearly disqualified for dropping a 20kg plate but I managed to get through them – double unders (with singles in between), walking lunges, wall balls onto a pretty small target and then Fran! Conquered most of my Crossfit phobias in two days.

Some of the other competitors were beasts for sure but I was most impressed with a lady called Mary, a midwife from Southern Ireland. She was doggedly determined and by her own admission ‘not an athlete’, but at 53 years she had done Crossfit for five years and enjoyed it for the fun and the community.

It made me realise why I need to keep on doing Crossfit and why I need to do it at HG3 – the fun and the community.

Performing in front of a large crowd is something I will always remember and I would encourage others to do the same. I am not an athlete but I am still learning new tricks.


Mary doing Fran - awesome!

Looking forward to greater things next year, hopefully with my mates Chris and Rudds and a few others. A really great weekend and I truly feel better for doing it.