No more cold running

Realised that I picked up this chest infection after the Friday morning WoD last week. Three lots of 450m. Same happened in the Autumn. Won’t be doing it again – will row instead.
Packed for Center Parcs and I hope I feel better. Will have to relax and not do the circuit training I planned.

More Monday blues

Still not feeling great from Friday morning’s session but managed a 180kg DL triple and a single at 200kg (just to prove I could still do it).
Chest problems hit me hard in the WoD and I came a distant last. Couldn’t breath.
Will relax now and hope I recover for Center Parcs at the weekend.

Monday funday

Powered by my breakfast spinach shake I felt good tonight.
Run and wall climb starter followed by snatching. Managed a hang snatch at 67.5kg (10st 9lb). Think I need to improve my overhead squats.
Tabata of squats, pressups, situps and down ‘n’ ups.
Been eyeing up some more kettlebells too. A 16kg would be good and Frazer could use it too.

Teen progress and pullups

Great to see all the HG3 teens making significant progress on their re-tests.
It is easy to see their growing confidence and competence.
Frazer got a 1:42 on the 500m row.
Think the 300 daily kettlebell swings have helped. Very proud.

I also finished the outdoor pullup bar. Just got to hope it doesn’t rain.