My first weightlifting competition

I have attended quite a few of the Barbell classes at HG3 over the last few months. Several highs and lows.

Rudds and Pete staged a competition to mark the end of the lifting cycle. Three lifts each in weight order.

Preparation could have been better – too much red wine whilst out for a meal with friends left me feeling decidedly fragile.

I loosened up quickly and decided to go for power snatches, as most realistic option. Was going to start at 55kg but when warming up I hit 60kg so decided to start at this. Like everyone I was nervous but the lift flew up – all hips and no arm pulling. Same for 65 and then 70kg.
Power cleans and push jerk and I managed 85kg.
6 from 6 and PBs.

The atmosphere was great. Everyone tried their best. It was a fitting end to the hard olympic training at HG3.


April goals

I am hoping to continue with the Olympic lifting at the Barbell Club and have been thinking about short term goals.
Stretching is going to be a priority but I hope to do some assistance work at home on none training days too.
Have decided to concentrate on handstands and pistol squats for April.
Both should help with my core strength, mobility and overhead work.
I can currently do no unassisted pistol squats, so that is an obvious target to beat. I can manage a few rounds of handstands against the wall for 10 to 15 seconds duration. More and longer are targets.

Stretch stronger…

Had a good stretching session, along with Rachel, on Sunday morning before Barbell Club. Pete was his usual enthusiastic, cheery self. I thought I might struggle with some of the stretching but the deep breathing was hardest for me. It was effective and I immediately felt the improvement. Hopefully numbers attending will increase when the word gets out. Slightly more volume on the classical guitar to drown out the AC/DC leakage from next door and it would be perfect.

Stopped on for the Barbell Club and had the best session yet. Everyone seemed enthused (perhaps the sunny day helped). Once I warmed up my shoulders, the snatches felt great. Confidentally dropping deep after a good hip contact and I think I had a moment of ‘weightless bar’.
Built up the cleans and my rack position was so much improved that I managed to up my C&J PB to 80kg.

Looking forward to more stretching.

OAP training

Thanks to Hav, we now have our own masters’ whiteboard for the weekly Barbell Club.
Trained on Sunday and managed a few full depth snatches. Kept very light on the cleans though, as my elbow is still sore.
Frazer and George came along for their second Olympic lifting sessions and did well.
Did consider the strength session yesterday but decided to do the second Barbell session. Maxed out at 57.5kg snatch but it was no arm pull, hip contact and full depth catch.
Might have to go to the 7am session tomorrow as school reports in the evening.
104.2kg this morning – snatch to bw ratio of 0.55.



Hav a go...

Two more PBs

Wednesday night was max effort Front Squat and Strict Press.
It was quite a rushed session, although I welcomed the stretching and warmup.

Managed 135kg Front Squat and even better, an 85kg Strict Press.
Think I have more too, as neither were too hard.

A bodyweight strict press – now there’s a challenge…

Published WoDs

HG3 has decided to publish a week of WoDs at a time. Great news as it helps me decide what to do on my ‘off days’. I have never cherry picked so it won’t be a problem.

Last night was focusd on Max Effort back squats, 555333, worked from 87.5kg to 140kg and felt good.
Slightly guilty feeling when the 8pm Barbell session started but I need to get my overhead flexibility sorted.

Got up this morning and rowed 5000m in about 21 mins.  Bodyweight 104.4kg


Sunday blues

Just come back early from the Sunday Barbell Club as I felt tired and my back hurt.
Last Sunday was good although I couldn’t manage any cleans.
Wednesday night’s deadlifts hurt on Thursday and the although the anti-inflammatories helped I decided to take a break, rather than push it.

Came home and did 4x 1000m rows with sets of 10x24kg KB strict presses and max hold handstands.
Loosened my back up and gave my shoulders a good workout.
Most of all – made me feel better about what I can do, rather than what I can’t.

Stretching and a hot bath are the order of the day now.