Max efforts

Managed a 165kg squat on Monday, although it was a touch high.
Was wondering about deadlifts on Wednesday morning but did well. Pulled 210kg with good form. Not bad for 7:40am and 48yr old. Best news was not a sign of any back pain on Thursday, just aching glutes. Am doing it properly.

Frazer did a 115kg back squat and a 130kg deadlift (George too). Strong teens!


Great Saturday WoD today with over 20 taking part.


Even enjoyed the running.
Must have been the RomWod stretching and warmup to Roxanne that did it.

Had a tight hamstring last night so didn’t push the max effort Back Squats.
Comfortable 160kg was enough.
More next week…

Been a while

Haven’t been blogging for a while but have been training.
The strength cycle has been challenging but the WoDs have been harder. Seem to be down on lung capacity but think it may be hayfever.

Managed an 80kg strict press last week and just missed 85kg. A double 200kg deadlift last night, so getting back up to strength.

Still a great atmosphere and buzz at the gym, especially on a Saturday morning.


are loving it too.

April update

Found March to be quite hard.

The three weeks of single arm/leg work showed up some major differences in strength. Tried to push to get my left leg working.

Tired in the WoDs somedays but better on others.

Pete is totally enthused and it shows.

Frazer is gaining strength and confidence every week.

Found the first week of volume work hard and had to stop after the second round of squats, even at 80kg.

Only looking at two sessions this week as off to North Wales for a few days.

March plan

HG3 has just started a 12 week cycle, after the training tests. (Highlight was probably the 37kg TGU)

Looking forward to following this and seeing what progress I make.

Managed to lose a few kgs and weighed in at 105kg yesterday.

Many minor tweaks including –

More water
Less booze
Good breakfast and healthy snacks of nuts/fruit
Large salad for lunch with good protein
No sugar (cake/biscuits etc)
Protein shake for recovery only

Am also taking walks at work and supplementing the gym off days with rowing.

Hoping to see 100kg soon.

This may give me a chance of keeping up with my son, now he is a full member of HG3 too.

2016 – a late start

Managed to pick up a chest infection at the end of 2015, missed most of January at HG3.

I did manage to keep up with RomWod and my flexibility is improving every week.

February brings max attempts for deadlifts, squats and push presses. Not expecting any PBs though, given the time I have missed.

I will however be working hard on my rower on my non-HG3 days and am looking to see how much I can improve my 500m time in a month.

Will also be progressing handstand holds and will post a few pictures.