End of cycle one

Finished the deload week and am pleased with progress.

Had a week off in Jersey so came back to the 3rd week, which was heavy, after a rest. Most of my predicted 1RMs have gone up and am eager to start the next cycle.

Strict press on Sunday and then deadlifts on Monday. I bought the app and will programme in the proper accessory exercises for each day.

End of week one

Well what can I say – it has been great!

When I read the programme it appeared to make perfect sense. I got a freebie app for my phone and typed in my numbers.
Had a slight niggle in my right shoulder on Monday, so didn’t push the presses too hard. Still managed 7 reps on set 3 @65kg and enjoyed the pump of the ‘boring but big’.
Deadlifts on Tuesday, pulled 12 at 160kg and my back felt great.
Wednesday off and Bench Press on Thursday. Still getting used to the movement and tried a narrower grip. Twelve reps at 92kg.
Squats this morning and managed 10 reps at 125kg.

Have continued to stretch with RomWod and very happy.

The start of a new beginning

After much deliberation I asked Rudds if he would guide me on a new plan, which I could follow in Barbell Club and open gym sessions.

The idea is to focus on a few of my stronger exercises and hopefully avoid the frustration that has plagued me recently. Will make me stronger too, which is not a bad thing.

Rudds suggested the Wendler 531 programme. As standard it includes bench press in addition to deadlift, back squat and press. Having not trained bench in many years I needed to guage my one rep max today. After a few shaky sets I reckon 120kg is a good starting point.

Am really enthused about this and will do all the good stuff to help me along the way – clean eating, stretching and rolling, hydration and hopefully some quality sleep.

My other recent maxes are 210kg deadlift, 165kg back squat and 85kg strict press.

Looking forward to starting tomorrow…

Great fathers’ day lunch helped me and two lovely cards from the kids.




Another week

Three sessions this week.

Missed the 1km row on Monday due to a large chinese meal for my son’s birthday. Did manage to go to the barbell club at 8pm though and do some cleans. My technique was way off but atleast I did something.

Wednesday was better with the two 15 mins challanges. Got 140kg x3 back squat and 90kg x3 push press.

Friday was max push ups and pull ups. 30 and 6 respectively.

Went this morning with Zara and did some stretching.




Me running!

Following on from a rather rash commitment to do something new (as advertised by Pete, whilst bored on his honeymoon) I applied for my Parkrun membership several weeks ago.
They run every Saturday morning at 9am, when I am normally at the gym with my daughter. The course is relatively flat and several members of the gym were keen to go and as yesterday was the start of half term – it was d-day.
Have to say I was slightly nervous but the atmosphere was great and the event was well organised. Pete was there too but not running, so he kept my car key safe. After a rousing intro speech, including several reminders not to trip on the funfair power cables we were off, at 9am prompt – all 340+ runners.
My main objective was to get around the 5km without stopping. Given I was never in the scouts, I was not prepared, so chose I a pace which was comfortable but challenging. The 28 minute pace setter passed me towards the end of the first lap and the 30 minute lady shortly before the second.
I kept her in sight and set her as a target. It wasn’t my lungs that held me back, more the shin pain in my right leg.
I got cheered on by some of the guys and plenty of spectators and raised my pace slightly for the finish.
I was home in 29:34 which I was pleased with given my age, weight and general dislike of running. It was not as hard and intense as a WoD at HG3 but it was quite a mental challenge. I can see how people get addicted. To be honest though, I still prefer lifting.
Think I would need to invest in some proper cushioned running shoes and a bit more prep for next time.

Harrogate Parkrun


Max efforts

Managed a 165kg squat on Monday, although it was a touch high.
Was wondering about deadlifts on Wednesday morning but did well. Pulled 210kg with good form. Not bad for 7:40am and 48yr old. Best news was not a sign of any back pain on Thursday, just aching glutes. Am doing it properly.

Frazer did a 115kg back squat and a 130kg deadlift (George too). Strong teens!

Friday update – 85kg strict press, only 1kg below PB.


Great Saturday WoD today with over 20 taking part.


Even enjoyed the running.
Must have been the RomWod stretching and warmup to Roxanne that did it.

Had a tight hamstring last night so didn’t push the max effort Back Squats.
Comfortable 160kg was enough.
More next week…