Tough Wednesday

Yesterday’s session was hard.
Warmup with Pete was fast and furious.
By the time I got to the Overhead Squats I was starting to feel tired but still managed sets at 50kg.
When I look back to when I started, even the empty bar was a challenge.
Wall balls and pullups were too much though. Downgraded to ring rows as my right shoulder was niggling but was out of breath for most of the WoD.
Went home and had to lie down.


Monday Service

Had supper with the kids and went to the 8pm Barbell Club.
They started before I got there!
Mostly snatches and pulls.
Added an overhead squat to each snatch to increase my balance overhead.
100kg x3 Front Squats x5 felt good.
Home to a protein shake and bed.
Looking forward  to waking up and being stronger.


Sunday Service

Stayed away yesterday (and Friday) due to family stuff.
My Rehman knee sleeves arrived though and certainly kept my knees warm. The place was full and a great atmosphere – Olympic Lifting at HG3 seems popular.
Nice to see a guest appearance from Jessica.


Kept weights light and managed the session ok.

Barbell Club return

Made an appearance at the Barbell Club last night. Glad I booked as it was very busy. Three quarters of the gym in use.

Still struggling to Clean, high Pull and Jerk. Will try and focus on some assistance stretches, so I can rack the bar properly. I still find it totally frustrating.

On a positive note I am down 2kg. Must have been a blip from the trip to Durham.

It happens slowly

Best intentions fade and you have a treat. The treats become more regular and bigger. The batteries on the scales run out and you remind yourself of the article which told you not to get weighed so often.
Then you think about the tighter trousers and go up another hole on your belt. Slim fit shirts really don’t and you feel that your lungs have lost a half litre.  The stairs look steeper, pullups are harder, indegestion creeps up at bedtime and then the final straw – huffing and puffing to tie your laces.

Batteries replaced and time to face your fears – 106.7kg

Bloody hell! That explains it. Time to take action.