Monday 28th

Doing some training at work so went for the 7pm session.
This meant Pete for the warmup, so not as leisurely as with Rudds.
Deadlifts – 5×110, 5×130, 5×140, 3×160, 3×170 and 3×190. Could have done more.
Managed the WoD ok, as my lunges are improving.

Looking forward to Wednesday.

Put the winter duvet on at home as the nights are getting colder…


Friday 25th – 3 things…

Another morning session and feeling great.

Missed Pete after his appearance on Wednesday when we did Back Squats – 10x 80kg,  8x90kg,  6x100kg, 4x110kg and 2x120kg. Through in a cheeky pause squat for my last rep.

Have changed three things this week which may have helped –

Firstly, started a trial on RomWod. The extra stretching has definitely been challenging. Am enjoying the relaxation though, so intend to keep it up.

Secondly, having a massive salad for my lunch each day, including making it for my wife too. More Mediterranean than Paleo but giving me plenty of energy.

Finally, got some new aftershave…


Monday 21st

Managed to get out of bed for the 7am session. Had a busy weekend but it was good to see Rudds back in his casual gear.
A good warmup and then 5×5 deadlifts. Always challenging so early but got 170kg with decent form.
The WoD was a shoulder killer – 50, 40 , 30, 20 ,10 DUs and Push Press.

Got home and signed up to the Rom WoD trial. Today’s session was a 10 minute shoulder stretch which really helped.


Back on it

Had two weeks holiday with no Crossfit.
Last week I managed three sessions but pulled my right elbow when attempting a 90kg push press on Monday.

Today I went for the 7am session. Good to see Rudds and also Bob, Jayne, the Tylers and Mr North.
Enjoyed the session although I still struggle with OH lunges.
Back squats were 6x100kg,  6×110kg, 4×120kg,  4× 130kg and 2x140kg.

Should have worn my lifting shoes and knee supports but otherwise ok.

Eating better too. I need to shed that extra 10kg and get back to 95kg.

Monday adventure

No WoDs published so turned up for 7pm session. Legs ached from walking and camping over the weekend but pleasantly surprised by the squats.

5,5,5,3,3,3 Back Squats and managed 85, 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140kg.

Am sure I could do more if I practised Pete’s bar tension technique.
The main WoD was a real sweat fest of KB swings and burpees.


Wednesday am

Had a good 7am session with Rudds yesterday but low on energy.
Maxed out at 130kg Front Squat and was totally crushed by my PB of 140kg.

On a plus side I managed to complete the WoD. Massive shoulder burn.

Loved seeing the photos that Jim Sefton took at the European Inferno.


Not sure sure about competing when you are pregnant though…