Citius, Altius, Fortius…

Have been inspired by the Olympics 2016 in Rio – Faster, Higher, Stronger.

We were away in the Lakes and North Wales with plenty of walking and canoe activites.

Got back to the gym on Sunday for the last Sunday session before they move.

Deload week on Strict Press went well.

Took a few photos as a reminder…

August already

Had a great session of deadlifts yesterday and my wife remarked that I went home happy on a Monday!

Nice warmup then managed 14x 175kg deadlifts. Needed 12 for a PR and couldn’t stop at 13!

Thanks to Rudds for the encouragement and the tub of Amino X. Slept really well and no back ache today.

Stats (theoretical 1RMs)are looking good 

Deskbound – any good?

I short while ago I bought a copy of Kelly Starrett’s latest book – Deskbound.

I enjoyed ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’, although I found it hard work but was intrigued to see what help I might gain from the new book, given my job (like many) entails lots of sitting down. 

Before I talk about the content I think the main difference I noted was the newer book is more ‘polished’ and much easier to read. A better font, wider margins and more consistent photos and diagrams. 

Virtually all the photos are new and amongst the only replication I spotted was this one of his lifting buddy Diane Fu, who has a good rack.

If you don’t want to buy the book, then there are 4 simple guidelines to follow:

1. Reduce optional sitting in your life.

2. For every 30 minutes that you are deskbound, move for at least 2 minutes.

3. Prioritise position and mechanics whenever you can.

4. Perform 10 to 15 minutes of daily maintenance on your body.

To be fair though, I think you need to buy the book (see the £20ish as an investment).

The terminology is much simpler than Supple Leopard (until the later chapters) and if I had neither book then I would go for Deskbound first. 

It is packed full of useful advice – 16 breaks and 14 prescriptions, plus tests for mobility.

The sections are logical and flowing, with the odd bit of humour…

I like to try manspreading in meetings but only when I am behind a table. (And I don’t smile so much)

Really simple stuff too – like how to carry a bag properly…

It is essential reading if you are serious about maintaining your body and rely on sitting down most of the day to get paid.

If I could wind back time to when I started at HG3 four years ago, I would spend much, much more time on mobility. 

There are loads of references at the back and the only thing I found missing was a reference to RomWod (which I use to get my 15 minutes of daily maintenance per day) but I guess it is competition to the paid for Mobility Wod.

End of cycle one

Finished the deload week and am pleased with progress.

Had a week off in Jersey so came back to the 3rd week, which was heavy, after a rest. Most of my predicted 1RMs have gone up and am eager to start the next cycle.

Strict press on Sunday and then deadlifts on Monday. I bought the app and will programme in the proper accessory exercises for each day.

End of week one

Well what can I say – it has been great!

When I read the programme it appeared to make perfect sense. I got a freebie app for my phone and typed in my numbers.
Had a slight niggle in my right shoulder on Monday, so didn’t push the presses too hard. Still managed 7 reps on set 3 @65kg and enjoyed the pump of the ‘boring but big’.
Deadlifts on Tuesday, pulled 12 at 160kg and my back felt great.
Wednesday off and Bench Press on Thursday. Still getting used to the movement and tried a narrower grip. Twelve reps at 92kg.
Squats this morning and managed 10 reps at 125kg.

Have continued to stretch with RomWod and very happy.