2016 – a late start

Managed to pick up a chest infection at the end of 2015, missed most of January at HG3.

I did manage to keep up with RomWod and my flexibility is improving every week.

February brings max attempts for deadlifts, squats and push presses. Not expecting any PBs though, given the time I have missed.

I will however be working hard on my rower on my non-HG3 days and am looking to see how much I can improve my 500m time in a month.

Will also be progressing handstand holds and will post a few pictures.

Blender review


The Active Blend, on the left, is cheap, quiet and has about just enough power to pull the skin off of a grape.

Hence my recent purchase on the right.
The Nutri Ninja is about twice the price, quite noisy (similar to a vacuum cleaner) and has lots of power.

Smoothies are now properly smooth, no lumps, easily taking care of frozen chunks, nuts and veggies.

You do get what you pay for…


A foggy Monday evening session and the start of a new strength cycle.
Good warmup with dead insect and planks.
Back squats 5x90kg, 5×100kg, 5×115kg, 3x125kg, 3×135kg and 3x145kg.
Wore my belt for the last two sets and they felt very comfortable.
Frozen avocado and banana protein shake smoothie post WoD – nice!

Rendering my fascia

Aside from normally coming last in any WoDs involving box jumps, front rack lunges or double unders, I am probably most noted for my lack of flexibility when doing warm ups.

Pete and Rudds have always been strong advocates of working on stretching and mobility. I thought this meant a few extra spiderman poses and  couch stretches.

Last month I embarked on the RomWod week trial and continued for the rest of the month. Here are my thoughts and observations :

Significant improvement in my ability to put my socks on and fasten my shoes laces without losing my breath.

More relaxed in general, due to the calming nature of the daily routines, deep breathing and soothing music.

Back, front and overhead squats all improved.

Managed a couple of Barbell Club sessions with no elbow pain and my snatches have improved too.

Years of sitting and bad posture aren’t going to be reversed in the odd couple of minutes. The daily RomWod of 15 to 20 mins, holding poses for several minutes does work.

A thick mat definitely helps keep the longer positions comfortable on your knees and elbows.

It can be done anytime. No sweating and no warmup needed. Ideal before or after a gym session and before bed.

Suggest no tight clothes, especially trousers.

Birthday treat

Enjoyed the Wednesday morning session. Quite like Turkish Get Ups.
Tried not to reverse curl the hang power cleans in the WoD complex.
Was complemented on my ‘soft’ landings on top of the box jumps.

Having a non training day today, so sneaked in another Barbell Club on Thursday evening. A few new faces and slightly better music too.
Snatching felt good and 60kg was fairly easy, with a few OHS thrown in too.
Cleaning was better than last week, although I still need to drop further in the catch.
Rudds told me about the Northern Weightlifting competition he is competing in next Saturday. Looking foward to seeing him compete – Jess too.

Still stretching and finding the thicker mat to be luxury…